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We take this opportunity of introducing ourselves as Group of Enterprising experts woven into a company to give finished project per excellence. The company was launched as sole proprietor in 1985 and is headed by Mr. Panna Lal Gupta & Mr. Raj Kishor Gupta. Who has immense experience in construction industry he converted has sole properties ship firm into a Pvt. Ltd. Company in 2014. They has a universal streak for administration, discipline, harmonious relationship and a zeal and enthusiasm to accept challenges and capable of getting things done rightly. They have a practical experience of over 30 years in various fields of construction industry in general and multistoried residential and commercial buildings. There needs to be more integration, for expedient and efficient completion of a quality product; more strength from superior knowledge gained through credible work experience and more partnering between a company, its clients and all project stakeholders for a better understanding of the task at hand.


Managing Director
Dynamic focused, result-oriented and customer-driven. These are some of the qualities that describe Mr. Gupta, who is widely recognized for this leadership skills and creativity and is a force to reckon with when it comes to entrepreneur skills. With more than 35 years of experience working for own Construction firm, Mr. Gupta has successful amassed the insight, success and intuition to lead PCR.


With more than 15 years of construction experience, Mr. Gupta has been associated with the company ever since its inception. Widely travelled with the rock solid experience of having worked overseas with the best of professionals, he’s truly the backbone of the company. He has been instrumental in PCR’s robust growth over the years and is also credited with developing a team that is responsive to the ever-changing dynamics of real states.


Start with a foundation of solid values and stay true to the things you believe in. This relatively simple philosophy has guided Mr. Gupta, financial advisor, through changes in business lines and economic and political cycles. Today, it continues to be the cornerstone of every business, community and philanthropic decision made by the company and its management of which he is an integral part.


General Manager
Extensively travelled and managed large projects worth millions of dollars overseas, Mr. Prasad brings to PCR vast international experience of more than 15 years of experience. He forms the core management of PCR putting to good use his experience of working with renowned names in the field of construction. His Knowledge of operation in construction field provides PCR an edge over its counterparts.


The overall management of the company has been entrusted to the board of Directors of the company which manages the company in association with a team of qualified professionals and technicians. The Board has further entrusted the day to day management of the company to whole-time Directors. The company also has on its panel qualified and experienced architects and consultants. PCR has excellent financial standing and is considered one of the fastest emerging local corporate by banks and institutions. PCR enjoys good reputation and has long banking relations with:

  • Andhra bank Indirapuram GZB. (U.P.)
  • Indian Bank Indirapuram GZB. (U.P.)

The company started with an authorized capital of Rs 10 lac in New Delhi. However, to catch up with the demand of the growing business and keeping in view future projects, the authorized capital was increased to 5 crore.